Braised beef cheeks with green parsley sauce (salsa verde) and red onion cream

Braised beef cheeks with green parsley sauce (salsa verde) and red onion cream

Ingredients serving 6 people

For red onion cream:

400 g of Red Onion
100 ml of Sweet White Vinegar Carandini Dressing
50 g Sugar
2 laurel leaves

For the braised beef cheek:

2 braised beef cheek
1 onion
1 carrot
50 g of tomato extract
50 ml Marsala wine
100 ml of Red wine
Herbs (thyme/wild fennel/bay leaves)
2 cloves
2 garlic cloves
1 small stick of cinnamon
Extra virgin olive oil
Butter to taste
Coarse salt

For green parsley sauce:

1 bunch of parsley
50 ml vegetable broth
30 g boiled potato
20 ml Extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

Suggested match


Sweet White Vinegar



For the red onion cream

Finely chop the onions, put them in a pot with a glass of water and dry over low heat for about 45 minutes (if necessary, add additional water).

Pour the sugar and Sweet White Vinegar and continue cooking until onion is completely soft.

Pour the onion into the immersion mix glass and make a cream.

For the parsley cream

Remove the stems of the parsley. And blanch only the leaves in salted boiling water and then cool in water and ice, to block the chlorophyll.

Blend with a mix the cooked leaves of parsley, vegetable broth, extra virgin olive oil, boiled potatoes and salt. Continue until a very soft consistensy is reached.

For the braised cheek

Cut the onions and carrots into slices. Transfer them in a saucepan with aromatic herbs, bay leaves, cinnamon, juniper berries. Brown everything while stirring. Keep aside.

Roast the cheeks in a second saucepan, greased with oil and butter, over high heat, until they are evenly browned (this way the juices of the meat will remain sealed inside).

Blend with marsala and evaporate.

Transfer the meat into the pot together with the red wine and vegetables. Season with salt and cook for 4 hours over low -medium heat.

At the end of cooking the meat must be tender and juicy.

Filter the cooking mixture and blend to obtain a smooth sauce.

Portion the cheeks and serve them after covering them with the cooking juices, the green parsley sauce and the sweet and sour onion sauce.

Bon voyage!

Recipe created for Carandini by Chef Bianca Celano of @lacucinadibianca

Bianca Celano

She was a manager then her life changed at 40.

The soul of a traveler, the mind of an entrepreneur and the passion for traditions and memories drawn from large family gathering around the dinner table.

Her cuisine is based on seasonal Sicilian ingredients, proposed in a contemporary way. Combining flavors and playing on contrasts.

In 2013 Bianca opened her restaurant QQucina Qui, a loft with a large single table in the historic center of Catania.

On the 27th January 2018, she decided to interrupt this experience as she needed a break from the restaurant business. In May of the same year she began a journey around Italy to spread her ideas on cooking and her love for Sicily.

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