Carandini Vinegar

A Modenese Tale of Taste


Carandini vinegar. Passion preserved.

Ever since 1641, the finest vinegar of Modena has borne the surname Carandini, one of the oldest noble families of Modena. Its healthful properties and characteristic flavor — bittersweet, balanced and harmonious — are the fruits of a long- established artisanal tradition handed down from generation to generation. From Antonio to Giuseppe, to Bianca and Emilio, the age-old craft has been passed from parent to child.

Now, as then, the direct descendants of those noble practitioners of taste are passionate about producing outstanding balsamic vinegars appreciated all over the world. From selecting the best ingredients to overseeing the ripening and aging cycles, each phase of production is strictly monitored to guarantee a product of the very highest quality. The perfect accompaniment to the world’s finest dishes, to good health and to a long life.

Old know-how, new technology.

Tradition is important. But it’s not everything. In the Carandini family we have managed to combine age-old expertise, handed down from generation to generation, with cutting-edge technology. From the choice of ingredients and the degree of ripening to the slow aging in different barrels with different aromas, the virtues of our recipes and the passion of our people are complemented by modern techniques, industrial efficiency and managerial ability. All this has allowed us to bring the finest Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and other condiments to tables all around the world.

Our passion never stops flowing.

Today, as ever, we produce our vinegar by starting with the finest ingredients and processing them according to the deep-rooted teachings of our ancestors. We make sure that every phase of the production process is fully respected: from selection of raw ingredients to monitoring the ripening and aging cycles in our cellars. It’s a passion that begins afresh each day.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and Condiments in harmony with a sustainable future

Our commitment in terms of environmental sustainability stems from the awareness that Sustainability must come from each of us, from collective participation, from the strength of believing that what we do, although a drop in the ocean, can trigger a virtuous process capable of making a difference.

This commitment takes the form of promoting activities in the short, medium and long term aimed at creating a responsible interaction with the environment while preserving the protection of the natural balance, with the people and the community.

For this reason and to make our commitment official, we are thrilled to announce that Carandini has recently published its second Sustainability Report.

CARANDINI - 2022 Sustainability Report short version

Certified quality

We have never stopped believing in quality. Our four centuries of history speak for themselves, as well as the certifications we have obtained.
Every detail of our production must meet the highest quality standards. Only in this way can we offer our customers the highest quality and safety.