Benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar in the slimming diet.

The beneficial effects of apple vinegar, which many have ingnored, becomes fundamental in favoring the success of a weight loss diet.

Apple vinegar, the healing drink of Hippocrates, has innumerable beneficial effects and can promote weight loss, if accompanied by a healthy diet.

With its digestive and purifying effect, apple vinegar is a food with beneficial properties, not simply a condiment, useful also for favouring a regular weight loss process. The evidence of its use are ancient, dating back to the Greece of Hippocrates, recognized as the father of medicine. This  defined it as the curative drink, useful in case of wounds or sores.

Apple vinegar is obtained thanks to the fermentation of sugars contained in the fruit by the bacteria of the genus Acetobacter. The variety on the market recommended is certainly the biological, which uses core, pulp and peel, without filtration or pasteurization.

The vinegar has only 20 kcal per 100 gr, with many minerals and trace elements in it, as well as vitamins, acetic acid and beta carotene. Given the re-mineralizing action, it can also be used as a saline supplement, especially after having practiced sports or during the summer, having to endure the great heat of the season.

Here are the main virtues of apple vinegar:

• It facilitates the elimination of toxins, also acting on the liver and facilitating the metabolization of fats
• It favors a diuretic effect, which allows the elimination of  excess of liquids, those that entail that annoying bloating
• Accelerates the metabolism, eliminating excess fat, thus helping the path to weight loss 
• It improves bacterial flora, which helps in cases of constipation that, if prolonged, can bring about a certain overweightness 

It is recommended to take a tablespoon of apple vinegar about 30 minutes before each meal, accompanied by a glass of lukewarm water (even two). In case the subject suffers from stomach acid, it will be possible to add a little sodium bicarbonate.
Apple vinegar will therefore have the task of supporting a diet, favoring its beneficial effects in just three days of administration. Remember that to lose weight it is good practice to avoid red meat and salami /sausages, as well as dairy products, fried foods, sugars, table salt and soft drinks.

It should also be remembered that apple vinegar is able to prevent urinary infections, to treat annoying gum inflammations, to counteract the formation of phlegm, to prevent dry eyes, to relieve coughs and to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Source: July 30, 2018 - Apple vinegar diet, three days to purify and lose weight.